BitTitan MigrationWiz Expands PowerShell SDK Capabilities for Enhanced Enterprise Data Migration

As M&A activity accelerates, PowerShell capabilities enable customisation to meet growing demand for enterprise-scale migration projects

December 15, 2020

BitTitan®, the developer of MigrationWiz® and global leader in managed services automation, has announced it is offering expanded PowerShell SDK capabilities within MigrationWiz to support large-scale data migration for enterprise companies.

The expanded features give MSPs a higher level of project customisation, reporting, and management to reduce complexity and execution time for enterprise migration projects requiring data migration for thousands of users.

These features arrive as M&A activity continues to increase. According to a recent Deloitte survey, 61 percent of the experts polled anticipate M&A activity in the U.S. to return to pre-COVID-19 levels within the next 12 months.

“As the demand increases for complex, enterprise-scale projects, service providers need tools that allow the opportunity to customise migration projects to the unique needs of their client,” said Geeman Yip, BitTitan founder and CEO. “With MigrationWiz’s expanded PowerShell SDK capabilities, service providers can leverage custom implementations that are otherwise unavailable via out-of-the-box toolsets. By providing these capabilities, BitTitan is demonstrating our commitment to our global partners to help them meet customer needs and continue to achieve business growth.”

Leveraging the PowerShell SDK features, MSPs and IT professionals can automate and schedule recurring tasks, saving them hours of repetitive work. Such tasks include starting or restarting migrations, creating reports, moving users between migration stages, retrying failed migrations, adding a new batch of users to a migration project, and scheduling the Outlook profile reconfiguration for a batch of users.

By automating and scheduling these tasks, MSPs ensure they are completed on time. In addition, MSPs are able to create their own reports or integrate with an external reporting system, increasing efficiency and optimizing overall project execution.

“At KiZAN, much of our work takes place in complex IT environments for enterprise organizations, with thousands of seats to migrate, often in M&A scenarios,” said Bill Rieger, principal consultant at KiZAN Technologies. “While these projects can be complicated, the PowerShell SDK capabilities in MigrationWiz enable our consultants to categorise a select batch of users from the larger pool. This provides an easy, actionable way to execute migrations in batches for users without having to divide the users into separate projects. It significantly reduces the project’s complexity and allows for improved project management.”

To learn more about the BitTitan PowerShell SDK capabilities, visit the BitTitan website.