Partner Spotlight: LTI Powers Modern Enterprises Through Migrations



by BitTitan Staff

With the pandemic redefining the way we live and work, LTI sees itself as a strong partner and enabler for remote and anyplace working. The mandate to incorporate New Ways of Working has been a key priority for organizations, but the accelerated adoption has been fueled by the global lockdown.

However, Organizations need a strong, long-term solution and not a quick fix to last them through the lockdown period only. LTI has worked on enhancing its already strong Digital Transformation, to be able to position itself confidently with such new age clients.

“Powering the Breakaway Enterprise is our motto,” says Collins Daniel, leader of LTI’s Technology Office for the Digital Workplace. “What that means is going beyond mere consulting or selling, to helping clients by creating and executing digital transformation roadmaps that are customized to their specific business and requirements.”


Anytime, anywhere with Follow-Me IT

Follow-Me IT is the ability for our consumers (End Users) within an enterprise to carry their  work environment anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Follow-Me IT starts with digital workplace transformation: Connected devices and unified collaboration. Clients seek data-driven, smart customer experiences on-site, online, and in the field. Therefore, secure connections and data security must be a key concern when designing the transformation roadmap – with the first destination being the cloud. Thus, Daniel’s team migrates companies which may have an average of 3,000 to 5,000 users, from on-prem to the cloud as a kick-off to their digital transformation journey.

Phased migration framework

LTI’s phased migration approach begins with its Readiness Assessment Suite, consisting of Discovery, Assessment, and Prioritization. Subsequently, workload migration planning and design helps assure a seamless process.

BitTitan’s MigrationWiz is useful in the build and migrate phases, while Hypercare – a full suite of services including calibration, a runbook, SLA & governance, and training, is implemented before handover to Operations. Another major advantage is that it is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud, which streamlines Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migrations. BitTitan’s fully automated, 100% SaaS solution can accessed at anytime from anywhere. It is scalable, secure, reliable, and allows for multiple levels of collaboration.


MigrationWiz for client satisfaction

“BitTitan offers great support, both during and after migration. It is a visionary, seeing beyond digital workplace with its FollowMeIT Offering stack. They envision creating digital spaces for clients to increase innovation and collaboration, as well as platforms for individual and organizational growth,” says Daniel. “With BitTitan as one of the partners in our digital transformation toolkit, we feel confident about taking clients to the next level.”

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